STEIN Infrastructure Management advises network owners and operators in all areas of maintenance and rehabilitation management of their water supply and wastewater disposal infrastructures. The range of services extends from the organization and quality assurance of network data and the evaluation of network condition to the asset valuation of the network and the calculation of appropriate fees and tariffs. In addition, we prepare rehabilitation and investment concepts within the framework of forecast-based strategic analyses.


Strategy Development

  • Water Sensitive Urban Development
  • Expansion of the infrastructure in cooperation with municipal subsidiaries
  • Development of sustainable technical supply and disposal infrastructures

Consolidation of Operations

  • Cost and task flexibility
  • Participation and task management

Strategy Implementation

  • Intercommunal cooperation

(Re)organization & Processes

Process Design

  • Process analysis
  • Process optimization

Organizational Concepts & Administrative Analyses

  • Analysis, evaluation and optimization of the organizational structure
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimization of the process organization

Implementation Support

  • Change management of organizational and operational structures
  • Management support and coaching for political decision-making

Business Management & Control

Cost Planning

  • Calculation of fees
  • Target cost & investment calculations
  • Business plans
  • Liquidity planning
  • Overhead cost optimization
  • Investment Needs Analysis
  • Valuation of equipment to be replaced
  • Financing concepts
  • Cash-flow

Cost Transparency

  • Cost accounting systems
  • Financial planning

Control Models

  • Cost accounting and control systems
  • Process and output-based control

Commercial Support

The basis for our strategy analyses and their optimization is our Lifecycle Asset Management Model "STATUS". STATUS is used to develop future-oriented, integral investment and maintenance concepts for municipal drinking water and wastewater infrastructure systems. In this respect the term “Integral” is understood to mean a long-term oriented approach to solving a variety of structural, hydraulic, operational and environmental problems with similar high priority, taking into account legal and economic constraints.

Advantages that STATUS brings to your company:

High quality decisions

Develop an investment strategy that maximizes benefits, minimizes risks and continuously improves performance.

Improve the degree of efficiency

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your planning processes. Create a mission statement that includes all commercial, technical and political actors, thus reducing the time and effort required for justifications and approvals.

Optimized strategy and budget plans

The knowledge of the short, medium and long term object‐specific condition and asset development of your infrastructure makes it possible to identify risks early on and enables you to develop proactive, practical and long‐term strategy, budget and investment plans.

Optimization of business processes

The tracking of the progress of measures and the possibility to make quick adjustments and updates of short‐term changes in priorities enables a quick reaction and continuous improvement of business processes.

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